A Week of Hope

Flathead Lake Lodge Gives Back

Spurring Hope in the Lives of Critically Ill Children

August 29 - September 3, 2021

To celebrate our 75th anniversary in 2020, Flathead Lake Lodge partnered with HopeKids to host “A Week of Hope” where critically ill children and their families experienced life the way it’s meant to be — running free, soaking up Montana and creating memories that will last forever. It was such a joy that we decided to do it again. A partnership between HopeKids and Flathead Lake Lodge, we’re pleased to share that a Week of Hope is now an annual event that will welcome HopeKids families to the ranch to make memories, connect with other families and experience life on the ranch to the fullest. Donors are needed to help bring the event to life. Learn more about HopeKids and join us in giving the gift of hope.