A Week of Hope

Flathead Lake Lodge Gives Back

Spurring Hope in the Lives of Critically Ill Children

August 30 - September 6, 2020

At Flathead Lake Lodge, we’ll be celebrating our 75th anniversary in 2020. When we reflect on what it means that the third generation of the Averill family is still operating the guest ranch opened by Les Averill in 1945, we can’t help but feel grateful and appreciative that we’ve been able to carry on this family tradition and legacy for so many years. As we started thinking about how we could celebrate this monumental anniversary, we felt strongly that it couldn’t be about us. Instead, we wanted to do something more; something that allowed us to give back. To do this, we dreamt up “A Week of Hope.” In honor of our 75th anniversary, we’re hosting “A Week of Hope” where critically ill children (and their families) will be able to experience life the way it’s meant to be—running free, soaking up Montana and creating memories that will last forever.


Why we're giving back

The mission of “A Week of Hope” is to celebrate Flathead Lake Lodge’s 75th anniversary by spurring hope in the lives of critically ill children through authentic Western experiences, genuine relationships and our love of the ranch. To put it simply, it’s our way of saying thank you. Thank you to Grandpa Les who was brave enough to start a guest ranch in the wilds of Montana; thank you to Doug who kept this place running for so many years; and thank you to our guests who love Flathead Lake Lodge as much as we do and who keep coming back year after year.

Tax Deductions

Contributions are tax-deductible through our partnership with Paladin Conservancy, a nonprofit organization in Bigfork, Montana that serves as the fiscal sponsor for this project. Donations will appear as Paladin Conservancy on your bank or credit card statements. Paladin Conservancy is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization.