Fall is a pretty special time to be on horseback in the elk preserve

Riding through the ranch Elk Preserve is always special this time of year. With a few cooler days, and fall on the horizon, the bull elk have started to bugle occasionally. If you have never experienced this sound echoing through the woods while on a ride, it is truly something to remember. Here is one of the preserves big ol’ bulls starting to feel pretty confident in himself.

Well, it is no secret to those who have spent plenty of time riding through the Ranch mountains that there is more than a healthy population of ‘Nice’ Whitetail Deer. This definitely did not go unnoticed to a couple of life long friends and lodge pals, Allan Haggar and Mark Thiel.

The pair joined us this fall for a great week of hunting, laughing and well…more laughing. We don’t want to spill all the beans on their hunting exploits, [after all, there is a better than average chance stories will vary both in facts and details] but lets just say there was more time spent laughing then there was hunting.