Here at Flathead Lake Lodge, there are lots of things to do in, on and around our 2,000 acres. And while we may not talk about it much, one of the coziest (and most fun) places to visit at our Montana guest ranch is our onsite gift shop.

Each of the items in our gift shop is hand-picked with our guests in mind by members of the Flathead Lake Lodge family and staff. Many of our items come from the Made in Montana show (held each year in Helena, Montana,) that features the work of local artists, makers and creators. In the shop, you’ll also find plenty of vintage-inspired hats, Flathead Lake Lodge branded apparel and some of our most favorite things for both work and play.

With that in mind, here are 10 of our favorite items from the Flathead Lake Lodge gift shop.

1. Around here, we’re firm believers that every cowboy (or cowgirl) needs a solid pair of leather work gloves.

2. Custom Flathead Lake Lodge mugs, perfect for sipping your morning coffee or evening hot chocolate.

3. Made right here in Big Sky Country, Montana Wild Crafted Honey is some of the best you’ll find anywhere. The honey is not heated, filtered or messed with, which also means you are enjoying as many health benefits as possible. Plus, it’s delicious and comes in huckleberry.

4. During a Montana summer, daylight hours are long and it’s easy to spend lots of time in the sun. One of our favorite ways to protect our faces is by wearing a baseball hat.

5. There are some occasions that call for full-blown cowboy boots and others, like the barn dance, where cowboy-inspired ankle boots are just what you need. (I also have it on good authority from the ladies in my life that these are comfortable and cute.)

6. Grandpa Les founded Flathead Lake Lodge in 1945, which means that this year we are celebrating our 75th anniversary. To celebrate this special and meaningful year, we have custom ornaments that are sweet and easy to pack. Truth be told, we’re looking forward to hanging one on our tree this year.

7. Every now and again, we’ve been known to have a nip of whiskey. And we think it tastes even better in a cowboy shot glass and Flathead Lake Lodge flask.

8. Stuffed animals (with bandanas) in the form of elk and horses.

9. One of our newest offerings and perhaps one of our most favorite additions to the shop are these new charms.

10. These shirts are also one of our new favorite items, as they’re lightweight but offer enough protection and warmth on chilly mornings and evenings.

While you’re at the lodge, we invite you to take a walk over to the gift shop, chat with the gals and maybe even take home a piece of Flathead Lake Lodge. And if you’re not here but see something you like (or if you want to snag a little something as a present), feel free to call us at 406-837-4391.

Until next time,