While not many things change around here – our hospitality dates back to 1945 when Grandpa Les bought the ranch – every once in a while we like to mix things up around here and add new elements to help enrich the guest experience. Brand new for our 2021 season is an outdoor kitchen.

Now guests can enjoy meals with sweeping views of Flathead Lake in a space that naturally brings the outside in through large screened-in windows. From a food and beverage perspective, the addition of the kitchen adds an element of engagement to the ranch. With a large focus on cooking over live fire, Chef Rob has been using the outdoor kitchen to feed Flathead Lake Lodge’s guests throughout the summer season.

In the words of Chef Rob, “My primary aim with the outdoor kitchen is to develop a richer connection to what we do as chefs and the experience we offer at the lodge. While it’s aesthetically beautiful, it’s also about having a natural connection to the wood, the smoke, the flame and the way it all interacts with the food. Guests get to experience what we do through eating the food, but now they’re experiencing it on a more personal level as they see it, smell it and interact with it.”

These days, the outdoor kitchen is the place where at least half of the ranch’s lunches are cooked and serve, while at least one element of dinner is prepared there as well.

Other elements of this addition included a remodel of the main kitchen, adding an upstairs walk-in, bringing the bakery out into the open and giving the space an overall refresh.

From our family to yours, we look forward to breaking bread with you in this new space.

Until next time,