There’s no shortage of things to do in Montana, whether it’s your first time visiting or your 50th time. While we get to experience Montana all summer long at Flathead Lake Lodge, we know squeezing everything into a one-week stay can be challenging. Between Montana’s  lakes and rivers, charming small towns and thousands of acres of wilderness, there’s plenty of options to choose from when visiting Montana. We’ve gathered up some of our favorite summer activities to help you make the most of your trip to Montana and Flathead Lake Lodge.

1.  Sail on Flathead Lake

Catch the wind on the Questa

Flathead Lake is 197 square miles of water, meaning there is plenty of room for everyone to play on, in or around it. The lake is a great place to take a leisurely boat cruise on Flathead Lake Lodge’s very own Mustang, bounce behind a ski boat on an innertube or set sail. Kayaks, stand-up paddleboards and canoes are a great way to experience the quiet bays along the shore, while seven Montana state parks (which are all open to visitors) are scattered in or around the lake.

Sailing with Flathead Lake Lodge is open to anyone wanting to spend a day on the lake. Whether you’re a guest at the lodge or just passing through, you’re more than welcome to set sail with us. Learn more about our restored Q-Class Sloops, the Questa and the Nor’ Easter V, and book your voyage here.

2.  Hike the Swan Mountains

Jewel Basin hiking area
Photo: Montana Office of Tourism

We’re lucky at Flathead Lake Lodge to be surrounded by nearby mountains that offer us beautiful views every day. When you’re a guest here at the lodge or just visiting the area, northwest Montana has some of the best hikes around. Our 2,000 acres have hiking trails for guests, while the nearby Swan Mountains have easy hikes for beginners and longer treks for more advanced hikers, with every trail offering something different. A local favorite: the Jewel Basin. While you’ll find plenty of people on our trails, it’s always a good idea to carry bear spray.

3.  Explore Glacier National Park  

Going to the Sun Road
Photo: Lauren Picard

A beautiful 45-minute drive is all that stands between our guest ranch in Bigfork and the Crown of the Continent, Glacier National Park. Established in 1910, Glacier is a great location for a day visit or even adding on a couple day’s stay after leaving Flathead Lake Lodge. Anchoring the park, the Going-to-the-Sun Road is its most popular attraction and takes visitors across the Continental Divide along one of the most beautiful drives in the country. You can drive yourself, take a red bus tour, set out with Sun Tours or use the park’s free shuttle service.

4. Visit Wild Horse Island

See the island’s wild horse herd

Wild Horse Island, which is the largest island on Flathead Lake and a day-use state park, is one of the coolest places in the area and is home to a herd of wild horses that roam the island freely. The Salish-Kootenai Tribe used to use the island to pasture their horses and protect them from being stolen by other tribes. The only way to reach the island is by boat; you can take your own or you can hop on a charter and see many parts of the lake that are often overlooked on the way.

5. Go Whitewater Rafting

Raft Trip with Glacier Raft Company
Photo: Cole Cronkright

If you’re looking for adventure, rafting Montana’s rivers is the way to go. The run-off season creates a range of rapids that offer different experiences for all ages and comfort levels. During your stay at the lodge, we can help you book a trip with our friends at Glacier Raft Company. They offer full-day and half-day trips on the river as well as a Ride and Raft option, which combines a scenic horseback ride near Glacier National Park in the morning and a raft down the rapids in the afternoon.

6. Cast a Line and Fly-fish 

Enjoy some of the best trout fishing in the country
Photo: Flathead Lake Lodge

Montana is home to some of the best fly-fishing trout streams in the West. Whether you’ve been throwing flies your whole life or are just learning, Montana’s rivers and streams are a great place to spend a morning, evening or whole day trying to land that perfect trout. We offer fly-fishing lessons at the lodge (included with your stay) and can connect you with our onsite fishing guide from Andy Guy Outfitting, who will take you on an off-site excursion to catch your very own Montana trout.  

7. Road Trips and Flathead Cherries

Flathead Cherries, a local delicacy
Photo: Dax VanFossen

No matter where your adventures take you, a road trip in Montana is always a good idea. Here in the Flathead Valley, we’re known for Flathead cherries, which are a sweet, dark cherry that grows in orchards along the shores of Flathead Lake. Before you head out, we recommend stopping by one of the many cherry orchards or roadside stands along Highway 35 to pick up your own bag of Flathead cherries. The sweet fruits are one of the most popular treats of summer and you’ll find them in pies, drinks and candy all around the lake. A favorite local drive is Highway 35 from Bigfork to Polson and then back north along U.S. Highway 93, which gives you an entire loop around Flathead Lake. Additional nearby favorites include the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas, the St. Ignatius Mission and the National Bison Range.

8. Shop Made-in-Montana Items

One of the best things about traveling to any destination is picking up locally made gifts, treats and apparel and it’s just the same here in Montana. The list of made-in-Montana items is long, from soaps and skincare to T-shirts and jewelry and huckleberry candy. Bigfork, which is located just up the road from Flathead Lake Lodge, has one of the cutest downtowns around and its local shops have a wide variety of made-in-Montana items.

9. Taste Montana

Wherever you are in Montana, you’re never far away from good food. At Flathead Lake Lodge, we’re lucky to have some of the finest chefs in our kitchen creating amazing meals each week for our guests.

No shortage of amazing food in Bigfork, MT
Photo: Flathead Lake Lodge

If, however, you find yourself out and about around Bigfork, be sure to stop at Flathead Lake Brewery for a locally crafted beer and Brookside Yard, a lodge-owned cafe overlooking the Swan River’s “Wild Mile” in downtown Bigfork. The Yard serves up fresh cinnamon rolls and flatbreads and has live music every Friday and Saturday night, which pairs perfectly with Montana cocktails and local beer.

10. Catch a Show at the Bigfork Summer Playhouse

Catch a show on at the playhouse on Bigfork’s famous ‘Electric Avenue’
Photo: Glacier Country Tourism

Our small town of Bigfork is home to a playhouse that has showcased some big-name actors and productions and today, the Bigfork Summer Playhouse puts on some of Broadway’s most beloved plays and musicals featuring college-aged actors and performers from all over the country to provide daily performances. If you’re into musicals and plays, it’s a must stop when you’re visiting northwest Montana.

There’s plenty to keep you busy both at the lodge and around it. Between our horseback riding, mountain biking, sailing and other activities offered each day of your stay, we promise you’ll have a week unlike any other. Learn more about the all-inclusive activities for guests here. To book your stay and begin planning your Montana adventure, call us at 406-837-4391.

Happy summer,


When it comes to packing for a week at Flathead Lake Lodge, it can be hard to know where to start. And while packing for a guest ranch in Montana may be daunting, especially because our summer weather includes hot days and cool nights, we want you to be as prepared as possible so your stay is comfortable and you can focus on creating memories on the shores of Flathead Lake. To help make prepping for your summer vacation as easy as possible, we’ve created a packing list for your week of adventure in the heart of Montana.

A Wide-Brimmed Hat

Here at the ranch, we spend a lot of time outside. During the week, while you’re out riding the trails, fishing, hiking or doing any of our countless activities in between, you’ll be under the Montana sun for a large portion of your day. While cowboy hats are a part of our daily attire, we also recommend them to keep the sun out of your eyes and off your face. Plus, with your wide-brimmed hat, you’ll fit in with the locals in cowboy country.

Long Pants

Many of the activities at the lodge will put you right in the middle of Montana’s wilderness. While exploring the trails, especially on horseback, long pants or jeans will protect your legs from the sun, sharp branches and bugs. Wearing long pants will also prevent chafing against the saddle and keep you comfortable.

Long-Sleeve Button Down

A light, long-sleeve cotton layer is a must pack for Flathead Lake Lodge, as it can be taken off when it warms up and put back on when it cools down. Light long-sleeves can be tied around your waist or tied to your saddle and easily go with you anywhere. Plus, they offer great protection from the sun.


Bandanna/Neck Scarf

When exploring the ranch, whether hiking, biking or riding, we recommend bringing a bandanna or neck scarf with you as it can be slipped over your nose and mouth for protection against dust, pollen and the sun.


Cowboy boots, Flathead Lake Lodge and Montana go hand in hand and boots are part of the regular attire in Big Sky Country. Around here, you’ll see a variety of styles, from well-worn boots broken in from working cattle and horses to dress boots that feature a wide array of colors, styles and patterns. Boots may be your most-used choice of footwear during your stay at the lodge, especially as they fit in everywhere from our weekly barn dance to horseback trail rides. The thick heel on your cowboy or Western boots will also keep your feet in place when they’re in the stirrups.

Swimwear and Lake-Friendly Clothes

Flathead Lake Lodge is the only dude ranch in the country that sits on the shores of Flathead Lake and we can’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon than relaxing by the pool or kayaking on the lake’s crystal-clear waters. Be sure to bring a swimsuit, sunglasses and sunscreen to enjoy the lakefront. Chances are you’ll also set sail on one of sailboats, including two Q-Class Sloops, the Questa and the Nor’Easter V, with each providing a spectacular, one-of-a-kind lake experience. Be sure to grab a jacket when you set sail, as the lake welcomes big wind gusts in the afternoon. Baseball hats and sun hats are also great for sun protection. If you plan on fly-fishing or lake fishing, we also recommend bringing an SPF fishing shirt.

Dresses or Nice Button-Up Shirts

Flathead Lake Lodge – and Montana in general – tend to be pretty casual when it comes to the way we dress. We’re all about comfort and a casual lifestyle. But every once in a while, even Montanans like to have a reason to dress up. The barn dance and nightly family-style dinners are great occasions to break out your best jeans, button-up or dress.

Warm Layers

Summer days in Montana are long and action packed and the weather often has a mind of its own. While you can confidently expect sunshine and 75 degrees, evenings can be cool and it’s best to be prepared for anything. Rain jackets, down coats or a heavier flannel button-up will keep you comfortable through any of our  spring or summer weather, especially after the sun goes down in Montana’s mountains.

What NOT to bring: Your Nicest Necktie

When my grandfather, Les Averill, started the lodge, he only had one rule: no ties at dinner. Grandpa Les would roam the dining room with his trusty pair of scissors, just waiting to come across a guest that got a little too formal for his liking. That tradition hasn’t changed over the last 75 years and you’re well-advised to leave your neck ties at home.

You can learn more about a summer stay at our guest ranch here; if you’re ready to book your week at Flathead Lake Lodge, call us at 406-837-4391.

Happy packing,


June 10th through 14th, 2018 – 4 Night Package $1,400.00 per attendee

Body, Mind, Equine is a unique men’s and women’s retreat. Participants are led on a journey of awareness, growth, fun and adventure. This 4-night retreat offers daily yoga and meditation sessions, as well as arena and trail time with horses.

The event is available to anyone who wants to attend, regardless of prior experience with yoga or horses. Everyone, from beginners to experts, will receive instruction from “where they are.” This can be a great solo retreat, girlfriends’ get-away or couples retreat.

Bring a guest.  Do you know someone who wants to spend the weekend at Flathead Lake Lodge but doesn’t care to attend the retreat? No problem. A special rate is being offered to guests, and there are plenty of other activities at this dude ranch for non-retreat goers.  In addition, retreat attendees will have time to spend with their guests as well as time to enjoy the amenities.

About the program.  At the onset, participants might think they are just coming to do yoga and ride horses, but the benefits often go far beyond initial expectations. Through yoga practice, we can learn about ourselves in a deeper way. There is a saying, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” During the yoga, you will have the chance to really observe the inner workings of the mind and keenly tap in to your own energy, and watch as it shifts. The same dynamic can also be learned through horsemanship. In spending this integrated time together, we become more aware of the energies around us—those of other people, or horses, of nature. We can understand and move past obstacles in our lives and the things that may be holding us back, such as fear, lack of confidence, or power/control issues. We are encouraged to face and accept these blocks with without self-judgment. This allows us to live in a more mindful and empowered way. You will bring home new tools to use on and off the yoga mat, in horsemanship and in daily life. Combining these two modalities—yoga and horsemanship—is doubly powerful.

Parallels. In both yoga and horsemanship, the same skills are important: breathing, body awareness, energy awareness, strength, balance, and flexibility. Body, Mind, Equine teaches you how to become a more aware and conscious rider, using yogic principles (not just yoga postures) to improve horsemanship from ground to saddle.

Shifts happen. One of my favorite things about leading retreats is seeing the guests’ palpable transformation from when they arrive to when they leave. Time away in a new setting, being in nature, and unplugging have transformative and lasting effects. At the end, the participants embody a softer, lighter glow. They return home in a much better place—physically, mentally and emotionally rested.

Connect with the powerful spirit of the horse.  Being around horses feeds something deep within us. They can be amazing mirrors, allowing us to see deep and subtle levels within. A horse takes every step into the present moment; we can learn the importance of living in the here and now from them.

Flathead Lake Lodge is a perfect venue for this retreat.  In this beautiful part of the country, you will experience the magic of being surrounded by the bold mountains of Western Montana and the largest lake west of the Mississippi— just minutes from Glacier National Park.

Come join us! If you are seeking a fun, quality retreat of a lifetime, this is the one for you. Indeed, this is the favorite program I’ve offered in my 28 years of teaching. It’s the perfect blend, with a little bit of everything. Hope to see you there! Happy Trails & Namaste ~ Yogini & long-time trail rider, Cathy Woods

To learn more about Yogini Cathy Woods visit



One popular period of the early stages of the American West was the time of cowboys and cattle drives. At Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge, you get a first-hand experience in the saddle like those who road the trails long before. With a modern touch for comfort and rustic details melted together, you will find the perfect mix of frontier whimsy and exceptional hospitality. You and your partners will be sure to have the best Montana vacations imaginable with Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge.

Saddle Up

As an all-inclusive dude-ranch, there are naturally horses grazing in the pastures surrounding the grounds. The ranch holds several different rides and has horses for all levels of riding experience. Grab your boots to hit the trails or even take a few lessons from the experienced hands on the ranch. Team penning and roping are held for guests to watch and enjoy a bit of ranch rodeo action. There are even unusual yoga classes where you are paired with an equine partner for a bit of creative relaxation during the late spring.

At The Dinner Bell

Along with the scenic trail rides, comes the hearty home-cooked meals. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner rides are available to head out and stop along the way for a hot meal cooking over the open fire. The horses munch the grass while you indulge in a taste of the west. On Wednesday nights, the dinners are held up in the woods with delicious cuts of meat and local produce for an extra mouth watering dining experience. Enjoy your meal by the fire and share stories like the good old days.

Activities For Everyone

Though the horses are a popular attraction at the ranch, there are many more other exciting things to see and explore during your visit. One odd event that tends to be a hit is the mouse races. Yes, that exists, and it is a blast! There is almost always a fire blazing with live music playing somewhere on the grounds nightly, whether it be on the beach or up on the trails. Guests can also dance the night away with live music at a country barn dance held nightly. There are even more activities on the water and the ranch that you can check out on their website.

Family Friendly Vacations Montana

There are plenty of entertaining activities for everyone to experience the great American west to its fullest. From the meals to the hooved inhabitants, you will be surrounded by the lifestyle of the west. So grab your boots and old pair of blue jeans for a bit of fun on the ranch at Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge for one of the best Montana vacations you will ever experience.

This holiday season instead of getting your family more electronics or toys treat them to a family vacation next summer. It is the perfect gift to bring your family together and put down the distractions and spend some quality time together. With a ton of amenities at our Montana Dude Ranch, there will be something for everyone on your summer trip. It truly will be the ideal present for everyone.


Enjoy endless recreation at our Montana Dude Ranch. If one kid loves the water let them jump in and enjoy all the water sports such as sailing, stand-up paddle boarding, and kayaking. If another child loves sports set them loose and let them play basketball, volleyball, tennis, and so much more. During the summer there are friendly and trusted counselors to help guide your children and offer activities to entertain children of all ages, so you can take a moment for yourself and relax and enjoy your vacation too.


During your trip, you will be able to explore nature and spend your time outdoors. It can be hard in the summertime with sports and activities to make sure that you spend some quality time outdoors. At Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge we embrace the outdoors. Surrounded by Flathead Lake you will have endless water activities, but you can also explore the surrounding forests. Enjoy our 2,000-acre private ranch on horseback exploring mountain wilderness, lake views, and our secluded elk preserve. Our riding program allows you to choose how much or how little you would like to ride during your week at the Lodge.

Family Friendly Vacations Montana

Our Montana Dude Ranch offers a rustic ranch atmosphere, endless recreational activities, and unmatched hospitality by the Averill staff. You do not have to worry about cooking meals or cleaning because we take care of those details, so all you have to do is spend time with your family. Put down the phones and the ipads and this year gift your loved ones with quality time together.


Montana Horseback Riding Vacations

Before the snow falls get out and enjoy the great outdoors one last time. Flathead Montana is the perfect place to experience the ground before it is encompassed by plush white powder. Go hiking, biking, and so much more one last time before you start to hibernate. We have a list of the top things to do before the snow comes at our Montana Dude Ranch.

Go Horseback Riding

Our 2,000-acre private ranch offers a ton of sites to see and explore on horseback. From the mountain wilderness to the spectacular lake views you will experience some of Montana’s most beautiful landscape. Choose to ride as much or as little as you like on your trip; our riding program is focused on you. Our program offers a variety of riding options, for all ability levels, different durations, and all ages so that guests can pick and choose what riding experience they would like day to day.

Get Out On The Lake

Flathead Lake Waterfront Activities

The ranch is located directly on the shores of Flathead Lake, the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi. The weather is getting colder, but that does not mean the water is off limits. Go sailing, canoeing, and kayaking. You can even go on a Lake cruise and take in the stunning views as the sun sets beneath the mountains. The water offers endless opportunities for the whole family, and we provide everything you will need so all you have to do is enjoy.

Play A Game

After you have explored our trails and enjoyed the lake, investigate the number of on-ranch, all-inclusive activities. Go for a bike ride or start a game of Basketball, Tennis, and more. Your vacation will be filled with fun games and activities for everyone.

Lure In The Fish

Learn to fly fish on the river or board one of the fishing boats for a day of catching monster Lake Trout. Whatever you choose, the Ranch is the perfect place for your fishing adventures. We will introduce you to the friendly and skilled guides who will help you find the perfect catch.

Take a Breather

Before the holidays come and your schedule gets busy, this is the perfect time to get away one last time and take a breath. Our ranch offers a cozy lodge atmosphere, ideal for family bonding! Warm up by the fire, sit by the lake and read a book, or go hiking and take in the breathtaking views. There are plenty of options for you and your family to get out and have some time to yourselves. Our Montana Dude Ranch has everything you need for one last hurrah before the winter rolls in!

Fall is Montana’s most colorful and quiet season. Combine the fall colors with fewer visitors and wide-open spaces and autumn is perhaps one of our loveliest seasons. Flathead has plenty of leaf peeping options coupled with a charming Montana Dude Ranch and friendly folks. All working together to create the perfect backdrop for your fall getaway.

Family Friendly Vacations Montana

The Hues

Every autumn, the valleys and mountain peaks of Montana say goodbye to the green shades of summer and hello to the colors of fall. At Flathead Lodge, the colors compliment the mountains and the gorgeous lake. Get out on the lake or go hiking and be submerged by the canopy of colorful leaves. You will never have to leave the Montana Dude Ranch to experience fall. Flathead Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in the West. Hike the ranch’s paths and take pictures and collect leaves. Gather leaves that are unique in color and shape and press them into a journal. You can either leave the dry leaves or take them off and see the imprint. Post your pictures from the trip on top and create a unique scrapbook to commemorate your trip.

The Breeze

Fall is in the air. There is nothing better than hiking with the cool weather and wrapping up in a blanket next to the fire. That is why at Averill’s Flathead Lodge fall is our favorite time to be outside. It is the best weather to go biking, hiking, and horseback riding. Our riding program is focused on you, meaning you can ride as much or as little as you like. Pick and chose what riding experience you would like from day to day. In Fall you can enjoy our 2,000-acre private ranch on horseback and see all the fall foliage. Exploring the mountain wilderness, spectacular lake views, and our private elk preserve while feeling the wind in your hair.

The Trout

Montana is famous for its waters and hard fighting trout. You can fish any time of the year in Montana, but in the fall it is the best time. There are fewer people on the river, and the fish are abundant. The river cools down, and the fish come out to eat before winter hits. This leads to a good chance of catching a huge brown trout! Learn to fly fish on the Flathead River, where the fish can be as big as the river is wide or board one of the fishing boats for a day of looking for monster lake trout. Whatever your passions or dreams are, our Montana Dude Ranch is the perfect place for your fishing adventures. We are happy to introduce you to the friendly and skilled guides who will help you catch the perfect fish.

Montana Local Adventures, Averill


At Flathead Lake Lodge we are excited to welcome in the cooler weather, the changing leaves, and the abundant fish! We are also happy to welcome you to our Montana Dude Ranch. Experience all the fun amenities that come with staying on Flathead Lake. After a day of fun, autumn adventure enjoy the cozy ambiance of our historic log and rustic cabins. Grab your sweater and get ready for endless fall activities at flathead lodge.


Surrounded by 2,000 Pristine Acres, bordering National Forest, Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge is the ideal Montana Dude Ranch vacation. Experience the tranquility of the lake, speed up and explore the forest on horseback, or take a moment to rest. Our lodge offers a ton of activities, and it is important for you to have the information on what you do and what you need to bring. We are here to help you plan your adventure vacation to Flathead Lake Montana.

What To Do

Montana Horseback Riding Vacations

There is an abundance of amenities at Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge. If you want to see the great outdoors; saddle up and explore the mountain wilderness and some of Montana’s most beautiful landscape. Cool off and take a dip in the fresh water lake. Enjoy sailing, canoeing, kayaking, and the stand-up paddleboards. Stay inside and have some fun competition in the game room with Ping Pong and Pool Table. Whatever you want to do you can do it at Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge.

What To Bring

Figure out the activities that you want to take part in to know what to bring. If you want to do everything water, pack a swimsuit that can handle all types of water sports. Sunscreen and a hat and will come in handy when out and about during the day. If you want to go horseback riding grab the boots. Comfortable jeans and closed toed shoes will be a necessity. Go on an adventure and hike around the lake. Bring hiking boots and a backpack to hold your water bottle, sunscreen, and a mini first aid kit. That way there will be no stopping you. The most important item to bring is your camera. Document the amazing time you and your family will be having at Flathead Lake.

Where To Stay

With fantastic views and the fun atmosphere of our Montana Dude Ranch, your trip will be one to remember at Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge. Enjoy the cozy ambiance of our accommodations ranging from 1-3 bedrooms in our log cabins or our historic log lodges. You will have access to all the on-site activities providing you with all the fun your family could need. Our Montana Dude Ranch is the perfect place to relax and explore the world on your family’s next adventure!

dude ranch vacation activites

Before you know it the children will be going back to school, summer will be coming to an end, and colder weather will be upon us. So before this happens, there is still time for you to book that last minute summer vacation! At Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge we pride ourselves on making sure the whole family is having fun. That is why we look at each perspective from the parents to the kids and how their vacation will be spent at our Montana Dude Ranch.
Family Friendly Vacations Montana


Averill’s Flathead Lodge is the perfect spot for your family vacation. We offer plenty of activities for every age each day. There will be plenty to do, so there is no fighting over what the kids want. Scheduled activities are offered for the whole family and give you the chance to spend quality time together. We also want to make your vacation easy, so you are not overwhelmed and packing up the whole car for your vacation. We have fantastic amenities such as our All-Inclusive Western Fine Dining. There will be no need for you to go grocery shopping or for you to take the time out of your vacation to make a meal. This is your time with the family, and we want to make sure you spend it with them.


On vacations, you might hear “I am bored,” but this will not happen on your vacation to our Montana Dude Ranch. They will want to come back year after year.  There are plenty of activities that will keep the kids occupied all day long. From jumping into the water, horseback riding, and tennis the kids will have a blast. Children are a focus for activities and recreation at the Lodge. We have a unique children’s program where the kids have the freedom to roam the property and the various activities as they would like. This way all kids are taking part in what their interested are. With all of these attractions, the kids will be exhausted by night time and ready to take on the next day. While you are taking pictures to remember these awesome memories, they will be taking selfies to show their friends how much fun they are having!

Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge is the ultimate location for fun family vacations in Montana. With an extensive selection of family activities, each day will offer new memories for the whole family. Whether you are interested in spending the morning on horseback and the afternoon on the water, the day is yours for you to decide. As summer comes to an end receive 10% off on Lodge accommodations, August 13th-20th and August 20th- 27th, for your all inclusive Montana Dude Ranch.

Imagine walking down the aisle and seeing your partner standing in front of the gorgeous Flathead Lake as blue skies hang over your head and your loved ones watch in the beauty that is your wedding day. At Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge we offer the ideal location for all things wedding in our Montana Dude Ranch. Over the years we have hosted a vast amount of wedding ranging from country chic to extravagant elegance. So we know a thing or two when it comes to weddings, and we have some great tips to make your wedding the best day of your life!
Pantone’s color of the year is Greenery which is perfect for our stunning property. We are surrounded by natural forest and blooming flowers. Greenery is the perfect pop of color but in a neutral and earthy way making it the perfect color for all seasons. Going green does not mean that your bridesmaids have to wear it or table clothes need to be in that color. Using greenery can be creative and using it in your surroundings. Use potted flowers on the tables, such as succulents. It is an easy way to decorate tables but can also be a gift for your guests. Use blooming flowers as an alter backdrop or grab some fallen pine to make garlands for the head table. Use the trees around to hang linens or flowers to create an intriguing space. Using the materials around you can create a simple and elegant design. Greenery is symbolic for fresh beginnings, which is perfect to represent your big day!
A fun way to get guests to interact and mingle are games. Have an interactive wedding program with mad libs or a fun scavenger hunt describing some of your guests. These will lead people to talk to one another and have an excuse to do so! Another fun way to break the ice is to have reception lawn games. Have games laid out such as Jenga for people to verse each other. However, you have the whole resort to use and have fun. Your guest can join in on a game of basketball, beach volleyball, and more. Alternatively, maybe while you are having your pictures taken let them get out on the canoes and explore the lake. There are so many options at the resort that your guest will not be bored during their stay.
When picking a destination, it is important to think about your guests as well. Is there enough room for them, will they have things to do while you are prepping for the wedding. At Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge the answer is yes! Guests will have comfortable and cozy accommodations ranging from one to three bedroom log cabins to one of our historic log lodges rooms. They will have plenty to do from all of the games to horseback riding, lake activities, and guided adventures. At Averill’s we want to make sure that everyone is having the time of their lives which means you should too. Your wedding day can be stressful, but that is why we are here! We will make sure on your wedding day you can relax and take in the exciting moments that come on your wedding day.

Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge is a truly magical spot for your destination wedding. We offer a ton of helpful guidance and tips for your wedding day, so you are prepared and relaxed. The shores of Flathead Lake provide a picture perfect backdrop, and the rustic ranch atmosphere makes for a fun filled and unique experience for you and your guests at our Montana Dude Ranch. Now say “I Do” under the big sky on the stunning shores of Flathead Lake!

Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge is the ultimate location for a fun family vacation in Montana. Each day offers a ton of activities for every age at our Montana dude ranch. Spend the morning horseback riding and the afternoon on the water, whatever you chose to do there are more than enough activities for the whole family. Receive 20% off when you stay June 11th -18th 2017 for family week. Experience the ultimate family destination and Montana adventure at a great price.

Day Activities
Start your day with an experience you will not forget. Explore the Montana wilderness on horseback. We have horseback riding activities for all ages and skill levels. Spend as much or as little with the horses during your week at the Lodge. Our riding programs are focused on you.

The ranch is located directly on the shores of Flathead Lake, the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi. The pristine waters provide endless opportunities for summer fun. Jump in and go sailing on one of the varieties of sailboats our lodge offers. Every afternoon you can enjoy water skiing and wakeboarding. A great activity for the whole family and we provide everything you will need. Also available are paddleboards, canoes, and kayaks. Cool off after a long day of fun and enjoy the fresh water and the fantastic views.

After you have explored our trails on horseback and enjoyed, all that Flathead Lake has to offer, explore the number of on-ranch, all-inclusive activities. Go for a bike ride or join a game of Basketball, Tennis, Beach Volleyball, and more. Your vacation will be filled with fun games and activities for everyone.

Night Activities
The fun does not end when the sun goes down. We provide fun all day long and for the whole family. Relax by a warm fire and enjoy live music. Put on those boots and bring the whole family to the barn for dancing and a live band. Enjoy a steak fry cookout and mingle with guests and enjoy time with the family. We love competition, so there will also be mouse races, a must see, staff versus guest sand volleyball game, and so much more. There is never be a dull moment at our Lodge.

Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge wants to make sure that your family is taken care of when you stay at our Lodge. This June we want to make your next family vacation the best yet at our Montana dude ranch! We have been rated in the top 2% best family vacations spots in America. From horseback riding to water skiing you will never be bored. This next vacation will be a Western Montana Vacation to Remember.