Here at Flathead Lake Lodge, we specialize in all-inclusive stays and family traditions. Founded in 1945, we’ve been delivering high-quality vacations for nearly 80 years. And while we’ve been offering all-inclusive stays for decades, we realize that there are some elements to this type of vacation that folks aren’t familiar with.

With that in mind, here are 9 things to know about an all-inclusive vacation at our ranch resort in Montana.

1. You can do nothing or everything.

A vacation at Flathead Lake Lodge is just that – a vacation. How you choose to spend your time at our home in Bigfork, Montana, is entirely up to you. You can be busy from sunrise to sunset with abundant activities. Or you can unwind, relax and lounge to your heart’s content by our lakeside pool. This is your vacation and we want you to treat it as such.

2. Once you arrive, you don’t open your wallet until you check out.

After you check into your accommodations at our Montana guest ranch, you won’t need to pull your wallet or credit card out to pay for drinks, dinner, transportation or activities. You won’t need your wallet until you’re ready to hit the road for home. (If you opt to do off-site guided activities, there are additional fees to those outfitters.)

3. High-caliber food and drinks are included.

While we might be biased, we know a good thing when we see one. And Chef Rob is a good thing. He’s been with the ranch for over five years and brings his culinary talent to every meal you have while you’re here at the ranch. Plus, he works with as many local purveyors and farmers as possible to ensure that your dining experience includes as many Montana-grown or Montana-made items as possible. Rounding out our culinary offerings are Pastry Chef Bri and our talented team of mixologists. Needles to say, you won’t go away hungry or thirsty. And if you have dietary restrictions or allergies? Our culinary team can accommodate you.

4. Everything you need is here. But if it’s not, we can get it for ya. (Or take you to get it.)

We have amazing employees and if you ask any one of them for something, chances are you’ll get it and you’ll get it quickly. But, if on the off-chance that we don’t have what you need, we can run to town and grab it for you or we can take you into Bigfork to snag it.

5. We’ve got mountains. And we’ve got water.

One of the elements that helps set Flathead Lake Lodge apart from other guest ranches is the wide array of what we have to see, do and experience. While we’ve got horseback trail rides through our nearly 2,000 acres of terrain, we also sit on the shore of Flathead Lake, which means there are a plethora of water-based activities to enjoy during summer in Montana.

6. Vast array of activities and things to do.

Whether you prefer land-based adventures (like horseback trail rides, guided hikes, mountain biking or touring our on-site elk preserve) or water activities (like sailing, wakeboarding, stand-up paddleboarding and swimming), you’ll find robust activity offerings when you stay at Flathead Lake Lodge. We also have a well-rounded kids program that’s broken down by ages, with experienced staff to supervise.

7. Two types of stays – family and adults-only.

Summer at the ranch is all about weeklong family stays and with our abundant offerings and private accommodations, Flathead Lake Lodge is ideal for family vacations and multigenerational family bonding. And while summer is focused on the kids, each spring and fall we turn the ranch into a get away that’s just for the grown-ups with our adults-only adventure retreats. It’s basically summer camp, but for adults, in the best way possible.

PS: we also offer corporate retreats, special events and destination weddings. More here.

8. Everything is included, making it a value vacation. 

There’s a huge value that comes with an all-inclusive stay. Our 2023 adult rates start at $5,439 for cabins and suites, and $4,417 for lodge rooms. And while we realize that could come with some sticker shock, that includes EVERYTHING. Your meals, your drinks (including alcoholic beverages), accommodations and all activities, from horseback trail rides to a mountain meadow steak fry and Pinzgauer tours to sailing in our 1920’s historic sailing sloops.

9. Room to breathe.

Our lakeside guest ranch has nearly 2,000 acres of pure Montana that runs from the shore of Flathead Lake up into the Swan Mountains behind the ranch. What this means is that you get breathe in as much of Montana as possible. The lodge grounds are beautiful and are home to a variety of landscapes, making it easy to find your own quiet corner of Big Sky Country right here at Flathead Lake Lodge.

If you’ve been thinking about an all-inclusive vacation, we’d love to visit with you more about Montana’s Flathead Lake Lodge. You can email us or call our office at 406-837-4391.

Happy trails,