Here in Montana, as we welcome the first snowfall of the season, we can’t help but look back on this last summer and the memories we made with all of our guests. It was a summer full of new friends, lots of laughs, some crazy weather and memories that can only be created right here at Flathead Lake Lodge. As we prepare for cooler weather and the quick arrival of winter, here’s a look at our favorite moments from summer 2019.

Around the Campfire 

If you ask us, there’s nothing better than a cozy campfire in the wilds of Montana. This summer, we enjoyed them morning and evening, complete with coffee or hot chocolate, pancakes, marshmallows and chocolate and good conversation with friends and family. Whether you found yourself bundled up around an early morning fire at breakfast camp or enjoying the Singin’ Sons of Beaches musical group on Monday nights, we want to thank our guests for joining us around the campfire this summer.

Roasting marshmallows around the fire.

Playing on Flathead Lake 

We’re unbelievably lucky that Flathead Lake Lodge is located on the shores of a lake, and a beautiful one at that. Our guests enjoyed Flathead Lake all summer long, either by sailing on our two classic Q-class sloops, the Questa and the Nor’Easter, or by joining our waterfront team in the jet boats and making turns on the clear waters of Flathead Lake. One of our other summer highlights: hitting the Swan River on stand-up paddleboards. 

Boating on Flathead Lake.
Stand-up paddleboarding on the Swan River in northwest Montana.

Wildlife on the Ranch 

We love our friendly, four-legged friends including Crosby, Rosie and our herd of horses. But here at the ranch, we enjoy seeing our other neighbors just as much as our guests do. This year, we had a few black bears who couldn’t resist the smell of bacon sizzling at breakfast camp and one curious bear even had to come investigate for himself. A little further into the mountains, friendly mountain goats showed off their skills for hikers who were summiting Mount Aeneas in the Swan Mountain Range.

Our curious black bear that came into our breakfast camp.
A mountain goat showing off in the Swan Mountain Range.

Trail Rides All Day Long 

One of our favorite ways to get around the ranch is on the back of our horses. We had plenty of memorable horseback trail rides this summer, from breakfast rides and lunch rides to scenic outings through our elk preserve and leisurely rides along our mountainous property overlooking Flathead Lake. Our wranglers take great pride in the experience guests have on our  trail rides and we’re sure that they have as much fun on our rides as our guests.

Our favorite way to travel: on horseback.

Hanging with Doug

For years, Doug Averill has been posted at the Main Lodge fireplace just about every morning, ready to greet everyone as they collect their cup of coffee and breakfast. This summer, that was no different. Everyone’s favorite cowboy kept himself busy around the ranch, catching up with old friends and meeting the newcomers with the same smile that plenty of guests have come to recognize and admire. Doug has been a pinnacle of Flathead Lake Lodge for most of his life, shaping it into the place that’s loved by many, from our family to our staff and guests. And as with many summers before, we saw those beloved rides he and Oz give the kids at team roping every Tuesday. 

Doug Averill in the barn.
A summer tradition: Doug giving kids rides in the arena.

It seems like this summer passed in the blink of an eye—hopefully this winter does the same. 2020 is Flathead Lake Lodge’s 75th anniversary and we have exciting things in store to celebrate as we prepare to make more memories to share for years to come. If you’re interested in joining us next summer, visit us here or call us at 406-837-4391. For those of you we haven’t met yet, we look forward to welcoming you to the lodge. And for those of you who are returning guests, we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Happy Fall,